Journal 5
      My plan of action is clearer now that  I have finished my career project.  Now that my ideas are typed out, I can use my career project as a guideline.  Being a Sophomore at Walsh, I think it is good to plan out my future now.  I can start by maintaining a solid GPA and getting involved in the business club activities on campus. Taking courses relevant to my major of business management will allow me learn the qualities and responsibilities of managing.  As of now I am taking the required business courses needed for all business majors.  Junior and Senior year at Walsh I will be getting more involved in business management courses because that is when the management program actually starts.
      During my time off in the summers I will continue working at my father's company.  The time spent working at his business will allow me to earn some money plus help me learn the basics of the company.  I am learning how the business operates by working both inside the office and outside in the plant.  Having an awareness of everything that is going on in the business is an important skill to attain.  Since my father's business, Youngstown Hard Chrome Plating and Grinding, is a repair shop I will need to further develop my communication skills because he deals with customers on a daily basis.  Answering phone calls, sending faxes, and having face to face conversations with customers can help me develop my communication skills.
      I will graduate from Walsh University in the Spring of 2013.  Graduating with a degree in business management is one of my goals which I set a few years ago while I was still in high school.  I would also like to pursue my MBA at Walsh University.  In the working world today I think it is necessary to have an MBA.  There are so many people with management majors and an MBA will allow me stand out from others who do not have an MBA.  Hopefully I can embark on different internships along the way so I can get a sense of how other businesses operate.  Gaining experience along the way is great for my future.
     After I receive my MBA, I will enter the working world.  My plan is to stay the Ohio area but if that does not work out I will move to anywhere that is offering jobs.  By the time that I finish my schooling, my father should be close to retiring and I would like to take over his business. Each summer I am learning more and more of his business and I am becoming comfortable working there.  The skill of leadership is necessary for his position, so I feel like I would need to develop this skill.  If this does not work out for me, my back up plan involves moving to any region of the country that is offering jobs.  Currently Texas is offering a surplus of jobs, but by the time that I graduate it may shift regions.  I will have to stay current on my research of jobs throughout my schooling.

Journal 4
 Unsolicited Cover Letter

1. Mr. Jonathan Arvidson, Head of the Henry Madden Library.  She is a graduate student at San Jose State University in the Library and Information Science program who is interested in working as an assistant librarian.
2. The first paragraph talks about her current position and shows her interest in working at the Henry Madden Library.  The second paragraph tells her education and background experience and how it may help in the job that she is applying for.  The third and final paragraph shows her sincerity and lists her contact information along with a closing statement.
3. Her major accomplishment was when she was working in the MLIS program at San Jose State University and was hired to teach library instruction workshops to the Freshman English classes and was asked to teach them again after she received positive feedback from the faculty and staff.
4. Her main appeal is through credibility.  She displays this by listing her education at Fresno State University and current position as a graduate student at San Jose State University.  She also lists that she was a student assistant and peer advisor in her past experience.  There is one example of emotional appeal in the closing paragraph when she says, "GO BULLDOGS!" 
5. She addresses the audience only a few times.  In the second paragraph she refers to working in "your department" twice.  In the last paragraph she thanks him for his time by using "your" again.  She may know her potential employer through her past experience while working in the same library.
6. I don't think this cover letter can be improved in any way.

Referral Cover Letter

1. Ms. Valerie Randolph of Market Fresh Websites, Inc.  She is currently an IT Assistant at Houston's IT Works and is applying for an open position of IT Assistant at a much bigger firm.
2. The first paragraph explains how she was suggested to the new job.  The next paragraph talks about her current position at Houston's IT Works and how her experience with a variety of functions will make her candidacy for her future position agreeable.  The next paragraph states her prior work experience at Web Solutions of Houston as Computer Solutions Associate.  The last paragraph says that she looks forward to meeting with him about further qualifications, hoping they can find an agreeable time to meet.
3. Her major accomplishment is her position of IT Assistant and her side projects of innovating projects.
4.  She makes her main appeal through credibility.  She lists her past experience as a Computer Solutions Associate and her current position of IT Assistant.
5.  She addresses the audience about 5 times throughout the cover letter.  In the opening and closing paragraphs she addresses him personally as "you" and in the other paragraph she refers to the company as "your."  She does not know her potential employer but essentially did some research about the company when she was referred.
6. To improve this cover letter I would have listed an email address, and maybe a specific time to meet.

Job Ad Cover Letter

1. Mr. John Smythe, Director of Icon Management.  She specializes in Public Relations and Marketing and also has the qualities of a Sales Assistant.
2. The purpose of the first paragraph explains how she came across the job advertisement and how her qualifications will match the position's requirements.  The next paragraph tells about her education and experience with working in Marketing and Advertising.  The third paragraph states her previous job and her accomplishments on the job.  The last paragraph discusses when they will meet with each other.
3. Her major accomplishment was in her previous job when she added 30 new clients to the roster and was quickly promoted within her first year on the job.
4. Her main appeal is through credibility.  She lists her education and work experience that pertains to the job.  She also uses logic by stating she has a history of exemplary service in the field of Marketing and Advertising.
5. She addresses the audience about 6 times throughout the cover letter.  In the first paragraph she refers to Mr. Smythe as "you" when she is explaining how she saw the job advertisement.  The last paragraph she also refers to him as "you" when she is planning a meeting with Mr. Smythe.  She really never addresses the company in the cover letter.  She does not know this person yet, but she feels her past experience can help her on the job.
6.  To improve this cover letter I would once again include my email address.  I would also list some relevant examples of my "exemplary service in the field of Marketing and Advertisement."

Summary 2 (Using Bullet Points and Lists)
      In the article, "Using Bullet Points and Lists," Catherine Hibbard states that bullet points are a popular tool when writing business and technical documents.  Readers like bullet points because they are visually appealing and make it easy to find information.  Business writers use numbers (1, 2, 3) or letters (a, b, c) to indicate sequence or importance.  Hibbard explains that there is a difference between using bullets and numbers.  Many writers use numbers before bullets when they should use a graphic symbol instead.  Numbers are used to signify sequence and priority, while graphic symbols are used to inform the reader that all the bulleted items are of equal value or importance.  Bullets will be easier to read and understand if they are displayed in parallel form.  Parallel form means that all items are listed in a series begin with the same part of speech, are approximately the same length,  and are given similar format.  Beginning the sentence with an action verb and ending each complete sentence with a period is necessary.  She concludes the article saying that bullet points are great for calling the reader's attention to specific information.  To give the reader a sense of completeness, each list should conclude with at least one sentence after the last bulleted item.  The concluding sentence emphasizes the importance of the list itself.   Most importantly, bulleted lists are to be used sparingly.

Journal 3

Overview Statement: The purpose of this journal entry is to summarize three sample resumes into one sentence for each resume.  The threes resumes include many action verbs and I picked the ten best verbs that sounded professional.  Every resume is unique and every person has different skills.  I chose these resumes because they pertain to my major of business management.  The resume samples can provide me with an idea of going about making a professional resume.

This sample resume includes a person who is seeking to expand his expertise of business management into a multi-billion dollar company and possesses well rounded skills in account development, budget management, Target marketing and contract negotiations.

This sample resume includes a person who is seeking to build a career in the restauraunt industry as a manager by listing his skills of familiarity, safety, and health dealing with food products.

This sample resume includes a person who is willing to deliver her skills of sales marketing to reach the company's stated goals and objectives of selling by using her past work experience in sales.

10 Action Verbs:
1. Developed
2. Initiated
3. Evaluated
4. Introduced
5. Arranged
6. Managed
7. Ensured
8. Conducted
9. Established
10. Communicated

These sample resumes allowed me to gain some understanding in what a company is looking for in a person who possesses these business skills.  Each resume includes past experience of jobs and the skills and responsibilities that each person learned and used.  Since my major is business management, I can take  these skills and responsibilities into consideration while I prepare to make resumes for future job opportunities.  I noticed that the sample business resumes all pertain to some area of business and many of the skills for one type of job can be used for another job in business.  This flexibility of skills and responsibilities gives me a broad sense of the things that I need to work on for my resume.  All resumes need to have a certain boldness to it and strong action verbs can enhance a resume.


Journal 2
 Writing Project Plan

1. Being Aware of Your Audience
2. Developing Your Vocabulary and Voice

My primary audience for now is mostly professors, but it will eventually change later on in my career.  When writing for a professor or teacher, the writing should sound efficient and proper.  Eventually my audience will be somebody in a professional workplace.  This audience will be more critical because they are seeing if they'd like to employ me or not.  When writing for this audience I should leave out the small vocabulary and add in some complex vocabulary.  Having a strong vocabulary and using it correctly can have an impact on the audience.  Maybe one day I will also be writing for a large audience of professional people.  In this case I should do the same thing and write in a proper manner.

Scope of Assignment:
My writing should be lengthy but not too long.  I do not want to bore my audience with a long paper, but I want to keep them interested. Referring back to the main point of the paper is important instead of straying away from it.  The writing should include the main idea of the paper along with a range of ideas connected to the main point.  Every paragraph should be linked to the thesis or the message that the writer is trying to establish.  Adding in unnecessary vocabulary should be avoided.

Purpose of Writing:
My main accomplishment is to get my message across to the audience in a professional manner.  My writing is not always meant to get the higher grade, but to make sure my audience understands what I am trying to say.  Connecting with the audience is a feeling of satisfaction, rather than just getting an A or B grade.  The purpose of writing is to share ideas with one another.

Goals of the Information:
The audience will use the information by simply listening to what the writer is trying to present.  By persuasion, a writer can make the audience believe that what they are stating is factual.  With proper research and study, the writer will sound professional and the reader can actually learn something from the material.

I will write this assignment by brainstorming ideas, writing them down on paper, and then making a rough draft.  After revision I will type a copy of the draft on the computer.  I will develop this assignment through research of books, internet, and articles.  In the process of writing a paper I usually allow my peers to read my paper to see what they think about it and then I'll edit it.  Graphics are sometimes necessary to provide an example of what the writer is presenting, but too many graphics may take away from the paper itself.  Researching reliable sources are safe instead of researching something without a source listed.  A bibliography is required if the writer collects information from other sources.  Listing the author or person who wrote the information in proper form should be necessary.  The style of the paper should be organized and not all over the place.  Keeping the paper in order with crisp vocabulary and strong grammar should allow the paper to be a success.

Content Outline:
My outline of the paper will include a paragraph by paragraph draft with a thesis statement.  Each section oft he outline should include the topic listed so that the writer can start writing from there with an idea. When I write my papers I like to plan out how many days a week I plan on going to the library for research. Spending too much time researching may hurt the paper.  To connect with the audience a writer will need to research the information for the audience to understand.

Research:Breaking down the research into small segments will help with the writing process.  Going into a library without a plan will make the writer feel overwhelmed.  Having an outline of what to research is a good idea to have.  

Schedule for this Project:
Scheduling and planning is the key to writing a paper.  Before the writer does anything, he/ she should have an idea before doing it.  Going into a paper without any form of schedule may result in disaster.

warm and fuzzy audience vs. mean critical audience

Summary 1

        In the article "What Color Is Your Parachute?", Richard Nelson Bolles argues that many people are uncertain about their career choices.  Bolles begins the article by stating that there is really never a right time to change careers and conditions may always be difficult.  The article includes eight parts of a job or career that may be helpful for people considering a change.  There will always be a change in two of the areas: the skills that people want to use, and the fields of knowledge or interest that people want to use them with.  Bolles also presents the question, "Must I go back to school?".  When people consider a career change they often think that they will have to go back to school for retraining.  He explains that going back to school is not a guarantee to a new job, but sometimes it is necessary to do so.  Bolles concludes by explaining the 'Holland Code' which groups the skills and qualities that people possess into a code in order to obtain the right career of their choice.

Journal 1

Being Aware of Your Audience
While writing a paper or speech you will always need to be aware of your audience.  There are many different ways that people write.  Depending on who the audience is determines the style of writing to be used.  If the writer is writing to a close peer, then the style may differ from the style for an authority figure.  Slang or simple words may be used for writing towards a friend.  Professional and more complex words may be used for a teacher or a boss.  I will need to work on being aware of my audience because I am so used to being around people who are close peers to me.  As I enter the business world I will need to fully develop my writing skills.  In business, many of the people are proper and professional.  Hopefully I can distinguish the different ways of writing towards an audience. 

Developing Your Vocabulary and Voice
Developing your vocabulary and voice is a key role in sounding professional.  Many people are more comfortable using simpler words while communicating with each other.  Speaking and writing simple are okay to an extent.  Depending on who a person is writing to will determine the proper vocabulary to be used.  In a business setting, a person should write in a more complex way.  This doesn't mean that they should make every word ridiculously large, but simply make it sound better.  Eliminate the smaller and less complex words and replace them with a different word or phrase.  The voice of the paper should be firm.  I will need to work on this skill because I often speak with a simple vocabulary.  To become professional I will need to substitute my vocabulary with stronger words and phrases.  Developing a firm voice is also something that I need to work on.  Sometimes I find myself unsure of my writing and begin to question it.

Showing What is Important
People often stray from what is important when writing a paper.  It is an easy mistake to do and it can make the paper look longer and more appealing.  Introducing an important point is sometimes hard to do.  When the point is established, people may add in some unnecessary material.  Instead of rambling on, stick to the importance of the phrase or sentence.  I will need work on the skill of showing what is important or significant.  Often times I find myself rambling about things that aren't even relevant to my point.  Leaving out unnecessary sentences can make a paper sound good.


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